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    Membership & Rules

    Post  nick on Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:06 pm

    Hi To all Visitors,
    Please visit the Official Website for Easy Renko System
    Over here

    Please note that the discussion board forum is only for buyers of the Easy Renko System.
    If you try to register an account without being a buyer, your account will only activate after purchase.

    In Here, Members may network with each other as well as find answers to many questions and live discussions with regards to trading instruments.
    To join the Forum you will need an E-mail and create a user-name and password on the Forum.

    You may use the forum for the following reasons:

    1. To Discuss about Easy Renko System.
    2. To Discuss about Renko Trading systems.
    3. To Post your Renko Trading systems and prototype test systems.
    4. To Post or discuss about MT4 Indicators for use in Renko.
    5. To Post and discuss other forex related stuff. (Not about other trading systems)
    6. To help in further development and programming indicators.

    Rules of conduct for the Discussion Forum:

    1. Do not Attempt Sell Indicators, EA or Trading Systems.
    2. Do not Show Your system or charts and then refuse to share it.
    3. Discussion should be only about Renko systems and strategies.
    4. Please contribute to the development of Renko strategies.
    5. Prototype Renko based systems are welcomed.
    6. If you want to discuss or need more help with other systems, strategies or time-frame based systems, Please go to the other free forums where you can found 1000's of other systems discussed there. This Forum is only for renko related discussions.
    7. Do not Link websites that sell systems, indicators or EA's in the Forum.
    8. Respect all traders in the Forum, Any form of abuse, harassment, flaming or ranting will lead to immediate ban from the Forum.
    9. Please use only ENGLISH in the Forum.
    10. If you are not interested in Sharing, Caring or helping in the development or discussions, Please do not join the Forum.

    Forum Discussion Topics will be only visible to members, So please purchase & register to view all topics.

    Good Luck with Trading!

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